TriState Home Pro is an excellent group of guys who do amazing work. After being let down numerous times by different contractors, I came across TriState and I m so glad I did. They were very prompt at returning my inquiry and were there every step of the way after that. John and Bob are great and have true customer service. They have a sincere desire to please the customer which is a quality you just don t find nowadays. Their prices are fair and honest. They truly went the extra mile for me. They did a custom chimney top and a gorgeous front porch for me. I am floored by the quality of their work and can t wait to do business with them again. I highly recommend TriState to anyone looking for home improvements. You will not be sorry!

Ariel P.

Very knowledgeable and helpful about all aspects of wood stove operation. Clean and considerate. Strong recommend.

Randolph W.

They were very polite, professional and informative.

Roseann D.

There was a blockage in the chimney and when inspected it was determined that the ceramic lining had deteriorated and a lining was needed. Despite weather issues that included below 0 wind chills, one snow storm and one ice storm the work was completed within a week of the initial contact. John and Bob and all of their workers were professional and knowledgeable and everyone was respectful of the property. Very satisfied and would recommend

Kale B.

We were very satisfied with the quality and timeliness of the work done.

Elaine S.

TriState workers were very professional and work was done in a timely matter. Very satisfied, would recommend

Ted C.

We will use Tri State again this year

Val W.

The TriState Home Pro Group are a great service team that takes pride in their work and provides customer project satisfaction. Price quotes are fair and honored. Work is completed in a timely fashion. Professional competence and reliance are hallmarks of this company. I highly recommend TriState Home Pro.


They were fantastic. They are very professional. They are very polite. Once they, were complete I couldn't even tell they were there.


From the first meeting with Bob for an estimate we had a good feeling that we had finally found the right contractor. Having gone through five different other local landscaping and contract companies that disappeared into thin air we had finally found them. Bob, John, Mike, and Brad all did an amazing job from start to finish. They admittedly had never worked with Redi-Rock previously, but were willing to take on the task of a very large project. Dealing with a mountain of shale and large rock. I can see where for most it appeared a daunting task to say the least. But they handled it with both professionalism and an artistry that went beyond our expectations. Personality wise they are all very easy to speak to and get along with. They make you feel at ease and comfortable with their presence. No creepy guy vibes or negative attitudes. In regards to any questions we had they were very in depth and up front with their explanations as well as suggestions. Wether it be practicality, ascetics, or ways to stay within your budget they go the extra mile to assure your satisfaction in their work. If a technical issue came up they informed us right away. Even while away at work, Bob would call to get approval on any change. Unlike most they stopped when they came to an obstacle. They didn't just go ahead and do whatever they felt would make things easier on them. When a plastic drainage pipe was accidentally hit, they informed us right away and repaired it with a new one. They easily could have just thrown dirt and shale on it and covered it up. When our newborn came home John would ask in the morning if it was ok to start work, so as to not disturb her if she were still sleeping. Needless to say these are things that are certainly atypical when dealing with contractors. They showed up early, and often stayed until night when it was too dark to work any longer. None of them took extended breaks, or sat around staring into space. I cannot write enough positive things about both them and their work. Characters are limited here so I'm trying not to write a novel, but they were just that good. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to have a hardscaping project done. We can proudly say they are definitely Redi-Rock experienced now after this huge undertaking. As another reviewer had mentioned, they treat the job as if it were in their own back yard. They pay mind to every little detail and go past what is in most workers minds finished. They definitely do not have a "That's good enough" approach to their work. I realize everyone has a different personality. But to us anyone who had a negative experience must either have a personality disorder, or simply lack communication skills and can never be pleased. They were all fun to deal with, have a great sense of humor, and are utmost respectful. Much like negative restaurant reviews I feel some people just go into things with a negative outlook and assumptions from the moment they

Paul C.